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15 Months Later  
02:02am 19/01/2009

Well kids, I think it is that time. My obvious absence over the past month has led me to decided to close this small but fun and interesting chapter of my life. I just don't have the time or energy to write in a blog even every once in a couple days. So I have decided to end it all and Send the Pain Below, lol. I will say that it was a fun time and there were a couple of interesting entries here and there, as well as some memorable arguments with Mr. Olstad, but it's just time to be done. There are other things that I need to devote my time to and this just doesn't fit in anymore. But I was never one for long winded explanations or reasons so I will simply end it by saying thank you to all who have ever read an entry on this blog over the past 15 months and I wish everyone luck on whatever life journies you may encounter. If anyone is ever in St. Louis feel free to drop me a dime.

But what's a zmuh11 entry without a couple links?

Please feel free to visit, view, or even comment on these two videos. They represent about half the 3d work that I've done over the last 3-4 months. The video titled "Deep Sea Wonders" was my first fully rendered scene in Maya while "Winter" was my second. They obviously both have their flaws but for the first couple tries they worked out pretty good.

1. "Deep Sea Wonders" by Zach Haugen copyright 2008

2. "Winter" by Zach Haugen copyright 2008

And with that and for the last time

Peace Out

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Well it's been a little while  
03:19am 06/12/2008

I'm not back. I'm just gonna perpetuate a couple of cool links that I have found/been introduced to over the past few weeks.

A lot of stuff has been going down, both good and bad.

Good - I got my first freelance job
Bad - My arms are shaking because I'm so tired, and from doing 60 push-ups, argh.
Good - I've got a couple 3D scenes rendered, including one that's fully composited and will be on youtube soon.
Bad - Waiting 14 hours for 180 frames to render :)
Good - The semester is almost done
Bad - There is a ridiculous amount to  be done before then
Good - I go home in 13 days!!!
Bad - 13 days
Good - I saw Bolt tonight
Bad - Vic is pissed at me

I'm done

Links, thanks to Scott and Blender the open source 3D program

1. This is a really cool 3D short I ran into the other day while perusing Blender's website.

2. Thanks to Scott for showing me this cool flash game called Auditorium. !Warning! don't play this game if you have homework because it will never get done.


With that said, I'm tired.

I'm not back

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Prison Break  
01:15am 04/11/2008
One of the aspects that I always enjoyed about myself is that when there is a new big hit, big drama, I have to stop all life to watch this show, television series I always tend to simply ignore and shrug off the current TV trend. Shows like Lost, Heroes, and 24 I never got into, and to this day the only real television series I still enjoy watching are Law and Order and Star Trek TNG. This is based on a number of reasons, one being that I don't have time for television and two I enjoy watching movies much more than Television series. DVDs have no commercials. Another reason that I hate series like Lost is that you can't follow that shit if you miss one or two episodes. It isn't a TV show that I can enjoy without having seen every single episode because the storyline is just ridiculous. With shows like Star Trek and Law and Order each episode it's in own little mini movie that doesn't depend on other episodes, excluding the occasional two part stories. It makes these shows easier to watch and enjoy.

Now I can rant on and on why I hate Lost, but that isn't the point of this post. The point of this post is to say that I've found a series that actually hooked me into itself, and it's not a series like Law and Order it's a series like Lost that if you don't watch all the episodes you might not understand the entire story. The show that I really enjoy watching now is Prison Break, which started back in 2005. Now in it's 4th season I've really became a big fan of the show. One night about a month ago my roommate borrowed the entire season 1 DVD's from a friend of his and started watching them. It kind of became a nightly ritual for us to do our homework and then watch an episode. Soon though I was watching more episodes than he was, and in only six days I watched the entire first season. Then I was able to borrow the season 2 DVD's from another friend and those were watched in another 7 days. Then the second half of season 3, which is only 13 episodes, was online so I watched those in 2. Then all of what I missed of season 4 was online until now I am completely caught up with the story including tonight's brand new episode. 

So yeah I kind of became a Prison Break freak. I don't know I really like the show. All of the complex planning that the main characters go through to achieve each seemingly impossible task is a lot of fun. Plus the emotional situations that all of the characters experience, especially the love between the main character Micheal and Sarah is incredible. Though this show isn't without it's flaws. I mean after 4 seasons of planning you would think that Micheal and his brother would eventually get caught or something would go wrong. The show does throw the brothers plenty of challenges but seriously every plan that they've done has succeeded one way or another. Which leads me to believe that this season is the final season, and personally I think it's gonna end with one of the brothers dead, but we'll see if that happens.

Needless to say I like the show a lot. Only two other shows that I can think of really enticed me into obssesively watching them. One was Survivor which I and my family ritually watched every Sunday for 4 seasons, and the other was Avatar the Last Airbender simply because I'm a nerd and it's the only Nicktoon to have any freaking closure.

So yeah Prison Break equals awesome go out and watch that shit.

Peace out
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A busy Week  
01:09am 30/10/2008
It's been busy this week folks but some exciting things have been happening.

One, I turned 21 on Saturday!!!! It was an awesome night and trust me I lived it up to the fullest extent. That's really all that should be said about it. Drinking for the first time was a little weird, and beer did not taste like I thought it would. But after trying a couple different kinds so far my favorite beer is Guinness, and do I regret waiting to drink till I turned 21? No

Two, a while while back I posted that I might be doing a freelance job modeling and texturing some robots. Well I thought that was going to fall through because it had been forever since I heard back from the guy but I finally got a message the other night and hopefully will start working on something soon. I don't officially have a job yet but it's getting close.

Three, I've been unusually productive this week so far and I hope that trend continues.

So yeah that's been me the past few days. I've been meaning to tell you all about my obsession for Prison Break, but I think that will wait until next Monday night.

Peace out
How I Am hungryhungry
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I turn 21 in TWENTY MINUTES!!!!!!  
11:40pm 24/10/2008
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

Peace out
How I Am happyhappy
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Some More Stuff I've Benn Hiding  
11:30pm 23/10/2008

Here is some 3D work I've been hiding. This project is going to hopefully be an entry to my school's animation festival at the end of the year. Keep in mind it's still a work in progress, but hopefully I'll have a whole underwater scene going with this.


Days till I turn 21.........................................2

Peace out

How I Am tiredtired
Listening To Audtodesk Maya 2008
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Spirit of the Warrior  
11:10pm 22/10/2008

Another cheesy title I'm aware. That's something I'm not very good with. This was another for fun photoshop piece I've done recently. Another of what I hope is many to follow. 

I'm in a Japanese/Mind and tradition class for school and one of the aspects we are studying is the Japanese aesthetic of simple beauty. So I followed those rules to create this. The seven words you see are the 7 tenets of Bushido, another aspect we are studying. I also wanted to incorporate something from Japanese nature and since I love Japanese maples I had to use a Japanese maple leaf in my design. What I'm really proud of is creating the Samurai sword I used in this piece from scratch. That was a lot of fun, but after a few days I think I could have done a better job on it. I'm happy with the design as a whole though. It wasn't quite what I had set out to create. Originally I wanted to create a piece with a lot more elements but since I wanted this piece to be simpler that wasn't an option. The next one will have a lot more elements. I think my goal will be to just keep adding stuff until there is almost to much, and then add more :)

Days till I turn 21..........................3

Peace out

How I Am tiredtired
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Intergalactic Merger  
11:45pm 21/10/2008
Last week one of my professors brought in some images to our bi-weekly SIGGRAPH meeting and gave us a short tutorial about how to make two planets collide. Of course I took the tutorial a lot further than intended, and I'm sure glad that I did. I've always wanted to create an image like this but I've just been to afraid to really give it a try, but apparently with the right content/images I can make really awesome images.

So check out my latest work, Intergalactic Merger, like the title? yes? no?

I'll have another one for tomorrow, a very different image though.

Peace out

3 Days

How I Am blankblank
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10:20pm 18/10/2008
Closure has come..........to me..................myself...................you will never belong.......................to.............me.

I feel like the past week I've been living by that song by the good old boys of Chevelle. For some reason I have been missing my home friends so much that it's actually quite pathetic. However it is usually around this time that I do get a bout of homesickness seeing how it's my birthday in one week and I won't be seeing a single person from home for it. Sure I'll get a call from my family and those few home friends that still really care about me, (this has devolved into me typing out how sorry I am for myself, good lord), and of course I'll get a million facebook "happy birthdays" from people I haven't spoken to in a million years but for some reason they felt compelled to send me a quick message, argh. I'm also feeling really down because Vic is in MN vising a friend from Chicago who goes to school in Winona, and I'm really depressed that he is there and I'm not, but hey only another 8 weeks and I'll get to see people from home again. And this homesickness I feel will most likely dissapate after my birthday comes and goes, which by the way I'm really excited for, yeah turning 21!

You may see some more artsy/fartsy stuff this week.

Peace out
How I Am coldcold
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11:52pm 13/10/2008

After promising you 3D stuff I finally get to deliver.

This is a walk cycle of the 1st 3D character that I've modeled, textured, rigged, animated, and rendered on my own. I've done all of those things using other models/rigs, but this is the first character where I've done all of it, and needless to say I'm pretty damn excited. I've learned a lot since coming back from LA and from this summer, but I still have a long way to go. I got some great feedback from another animator I know and I have lots more work to do. Animation is actually probably my weakest area and that's where this walk cycle is suffering right now.

Let me know what you think. The character is a robot that comes to Earth in prehistoric times to learn as much as he can about Earth so that his race can move to our planet, which gives him an uncureable sense of curiosity........

Anyways, here is my first character's first walk cycle. I should have more for you soon........

Any comments/critiques are always welcome.

Peace out

PS. The new Less Than Jake album is awesome, I finally checked it out the other day and I really like it.

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